About KCAP


Established by Ian Kilcoyne in 2011, KCAP are an Irish owned and operated advisor that specialise in providing property investors, developers and occupiers with independent capital allowances advice.

We are uniquely placed as our sole focus is capital allowances claims and advise. KCAP assist clients in properly maximising their capital allowances and therefore reducing their tax liability and increasing cash flow or property yields on their property investments.


KCAP Skillset

In many situations, accountants or quantity surveyors prepare capital allowances claims. However, they often lack the combination of skills required to maximise these claims. This often results in capital allowances being under claimed or not claimed at all.

KCAP as specialist advisors employ a unique combination of skills (a mix of surveying, construction, property and tax knowledge) to maximise capital allowances claims. This involves a detailed analysis of capital expenditure incurred by a client, with a view to submitting claims to tax authorities in order to minimise the tax charge. In most cases, our treatment is not aggressive from a tax perspective - but it is meticulous.


Managing Director / Ian Kilcoyne BSc, MSCSI, MRICS

Ian is Managing Director of Kilcoyne Capital Allowances Practice (“KCAP”). He specialises in capital allowances claims and advice to clients that incur capital expenditure on building, buying or investing in property for investment purposes.

He has broad experience in advising personal and corporate clients with over 10 years experience in the specialist area of capital allowances and previously managed the Tax Depreciation Group of KPMG (Ireland) for over 7 years. Ian has successfully managed engagements for a large variety of clients involved with all types of capital projects and is one of Irelands leading advisors in this complicated area.

Ian is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, holds a BSc in Construction Economics and is a professional member of both the Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Prior to specialising in capital allowances, Ian held a senior management position with an international PQS Practice for a number of years.

His combination of experience and knowledge in surveying, tax, construction, accounting and property ensures he is uniquely placed to help taxpayers properly analyse the facts and apply the law robustly and accurately to identify the tax relief that they are legally entitled to claim.