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Assisting clients unlock their right to relief
An estimated 80% of allowances currently remain unclaimed
Successfully adding benefit to over 85% of clients

Have you Maximised your Capital Allowances?

You may be doing yourself a valuable disservice by being over cautious and not claiming some or all of the capital allowances to which you are properly entitled.

It is your right as a tax payer to claim this valuable relief. Our experience has repeatedly shown if you are building or buying property for investment purposes, the claims made for capital allowances will typically be grossly understated or not claimed at all.

What are the benefits?

Generally, the benefits of claiming capital allowances are:

  • Increase investment yields
  • Decrease tax liability
  • Increase profit
  • Increase cash-flow
  • Refund of overpaid tax (historic claims)

Who can benefit?

Typically you can make a claim if you are a landlord, investor, owner occupier or leassee and incur capital expenditure for the purposes of a trade on:

  • Purchasing property (new or existing)
  • Constructing property
  • Fit-out or refurbishment (including repairs)
  • Annual fixed asset additions

How can KCAP assist you?

Based on initial discussions we can quickly identify if involving KCAP is likely to generate additional benefit or allowances. This investigative assessment is at no cost or obligation to clients.

We use our combination of surveying, construction, property and tax experience together with almost a decade of expertise and knowledge in this complicated area to ensure claims and advice for our clients are:

  • Compliant
  • Low risk
  • Robust
  • Maximised

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