KCAP are a highly focussed and proactive advisor that concentrate on generating and completing capital allowances claims and advice. Our core areas of expertise are:

  • Wear and tear allowances claims (plant and machinery)
  • Industrial building allowances claims (industrial buildings)
  • Repair Expenditure Claims
  • Transaction Support
  • Sales Aid Report
  • Look Back Claims (historical expenditure)
  • Tax Efficient Design
  • Disposal Management
  • Capital Expenditure Management System
  • Energy Efficient design/claims
  • Revenue Negotiations (including defence of non client claims)

Our expertise ensures a maximised result is secured through a detailed review of the clients facts, circumstances and our understanding of the nature of expenditure incurred.

Our Service Philosophy

Our service philosophy is to provide a proactive and professional service that gives peace of mind that your capital allowances claims are robust, compliant and maximised in a low risk way. We work with you and your other advisors to ensure the best outcome. Our approach is not aggressive, but it is meticulous. We simply help taxpayers to properly analyse the facts and apply the law robustly and accurately to identify the tax relief that they are legally entitled to claim.

Time Limits & Restrictions

Given the complicated and technical nature of capital allowances, various time limits and restrictions can apply based on specific circumstances of each particular transaction.

To successfully claim capital allowances, It is fundamental that you are properly advised on the technical aspects of claiming. From our review of the unique facts of each transaction we will determine if any time limits, restrictions or entitlement issues are applicable to ensure your claim is technically compliant and robust. This approach prevents allowances been lost forever.

Free Consultation

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your circumstances and determine if you can benefit from our services and this valuable relief. From our initial discussions we can quickly identify if involving KCAP is likely to generate additional benefit. This high level investigative review is at no cost or obligation.

Contact us or send us a message to arrange a free consultation.